Harold & Jeni Hawson – water stop 2014

Alan, on behalf of both Jeni and I thank you for all of your work and effort to make the Challenge the success it obliviously was.  We simply has a ball, met lots of wonderful people and felt like we had been there before.

Jeni commented on the way home that it was one of the best holidays we have had.

Thank you.
Harold Hawson

Lorraine & Alan Hancox – Water Stop 2012

Our son, Graham was part of a support team in 2011 and became determined to enter in 2012. We thought we would be a support crew for another rider this year but that did not eventuate so successfully applied to become Water-Stop Officials.

We have been in or across the Simpson Desert at least once per year since 1998, it is always different but this was quite a new experience.

Congratulations to everybody involved in this marvellous event; organisers, riders, officials, support crews and sponsors, without whom it just couldn’t happen.

Tim Grimes – Rider 2012

Day 4, 11.30 am. Temperature about 45. Location, somewhere in the Simpson Desert. 5K from the finish of the stage and with an hour to get there, I sat down under a tree and told myself I had had enough, I was pedaling no more. I decided there that there were two types of people in this world, those of us who pedal the Simpson, and sane people.

So what happened? Well, the low point of my ride was also the high point, as over the dune came the medics in their green van, with cold water for my parched throat and a size 10 boot for my bum. They actually told me to keep going with the words, and I quote, “You will not die.” And so I did, and finished the stage.

And while I was swept once more, I also completed two more stages and finished 91%. And I rode into Birdsville the next day with 15 new mates, in the presence of talented riders and elite endurance athletes who let me feel like I belonged in their group. And all the support crews and all the medics and water crews and sweeps and directors from the race cheered, and I got to have a beer from the Birdsville Hotel.

And you know what? It was good.
F***ing good!

Michael Dalton – Rider 2009

I kept on riding and when the boxing kangaroo flag came into view my spirits lifted. As I crossed the finish line Mark Polley and Donna congratulated me and Cassandra who I did not know proceeded to give me food and fluids.

I did not know this person but her caring nature was quite overwhelming. It was at this point that I realised that the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge was more than just riding a bike. I considered it was about a whole range of truly positive experiences with people in a unique environment.

As I looked around with the sun setting I noticed the beautiful colours of the sand on the horizon. What a sight. What an experience. I not only felt truly tired but I felt truly alive.
Michael Dalton 2009 (comments from Day 3)

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