2017 winner, Eckart Altenkamp

“Why?” is the question I heard most often. “Why on earth would anyone want to cycle thru the Simpson???” It’s a good question. There are obviously many reasons NOT to participate in this event… Personally, I have 2 answers to offer: One from before the event and the 2nd with the benefit of hindsight. My … Read more

2015 winner, Paul Schroder

SDBC – 2015 tour de French line I can remember quite clearly getting the Simpson newsletter email, I usually have a quick read of them to see how things are proceeding. There was a friendly reminder that entries closed on August 15th, it was the 11th and I had not even considered entering the 2015 … Read more

2013 winner, Ronn Slusser

 STYLE AND PERFORMANCE The Simpson this year, what an effort.  Amazing riders and some good competition. It was a cooler year than normal, but to bring about tough conditions mother nature threw in some very strong winds and some chilly mornings. She also showed us how we can have up to a 30 degree temperature change in the one … Read more

SDBC2024: 1 October to 5 October 2024