2020: COVID-19 Update

Updated: 14th July 2020 The Simpson Desert Bike Challenge has been held annually for 33 years, inspired by the spirit of our riders and their determination to keep going no matter what nature throws at them. Recently Australia has been faced with some very difficult times with drought, floods and fires. Now we are emerging … Read more

French Line Route Survey – 2015

In 2015 the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge featured a new route traversing the French Line.   Video of the French Line Survey – Alan Keenleside (Race Director) Here is a blow by blow description of what to expect when you tackle the big dune country. So what’s it going to be like to ride this year’s … Read more


Water Stop Crew 2015 Lorraine and Alan Hancox In 2014 we ventured into the unknown by accepting the role of Course Markers. Apparently we did an acceptable job because the Race Director made it clear the job was ours for “life”. Fortunately, as in that other event where life sentences are handed down, victims are … Read more

Desert Dreaming (from Ride-On Magazine)

We were heading for the start of the 2014 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge. As an event, it pretty much does what it says on the tin—a race 600km across the Simpson Desert and yes, it’s a challenge for all concerned. It begins at Purni Bore and to get there one simply heads 850km north of … Read more

Crikey it’s a Megasaurarse

by workmates of Declan Brazil…rider No 3, 2001 Scientists trekking by Bicycle through the Simpson Desert have found the rare and endangered Megasaurarse. This Dinosaur from the late Devonian Period, was thought only to have inhabited the Oxford Street Precinct of Sydney. Rated a “ground breaking find”, the Megasaurarse was dressed similarly to the Oxford … Read more

Desert Storm

Inside Sport Magazine – December 1999 Story: Robert Drane Images: Ian Kenins Purni Bore, South Australia, not far from the NT border. Nothing to do but look for shade from the stinging sun amidst vegetation too low to sit under. Forty-three degrees and rising. Last night, camels and donkeys frolicked and toileted in the paludal … Read more

Three Simpsons: Two Up

The Simpson Desert Cycle Classic is the year’s most insane endurance race. Bob and Jayne Simpson made it even tougher by tackling it on a tandem. With almost 600 sand dunes behind us and plenty still ahead I glanced at my watch. As we pushed and shoved the tandem through the deep sand, sweat pouring … Read more

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