2023 Race Report

2023 Race Report

Day 1: Tuesday 26th September

Stage 1 Rig Amortise 79km

After the initial dash to the Rig Road corner, the riders settled into the race, with —— riders making it to the end of the stage. Marc Fox was first in in 3 hours 45 minutes, followed by Josh Randall (3.46) and Derek Ragless (3.51).

Stage 2 Erabena Escapade 52km

The real race got going this afternoon with soft sand and warm temperatures. Marc Fox won the stage (2.54), with Ben Fallon (3.48), Mark Hartman (3.51), Josh Randall (3.54) and Derek Ragless (4.06) being the only five riders to finish the stage.

Seven out of the twelve riders were picked up by Sweep in a tough afternoon of racing.

Day 2: Wednesday 27th September

Stage 3 WAA HOO 85km

Only nine riders started this morning’s stage. A brutal southerly headwind blew up by mid stage, wind was relentless and battered the riders scattering the field. Marc Fox won the stage, with Ben Fallon and Mark Hartman, being the only other finishers. Six riders succumbing to the pursuing Sweep. Three riders didn’t start this morning’s stage, still feeling the effects of yesterday’s heat. By lunchtime the 100% riders had been reduced to three.

Stage 4 Kuncherinna Meander 57km

After a brutal morning, there were only five starters for the afternoon stage, with the other seven riders sitting out the stage, suffering from heat and fatigue related illnesses. The race results were a repeat of the previous two stages, with Alistair Doull coming in fourth.

Day 3: Thursday 28th September

Stage 5 Extinctathon 86km

The longest stage of the race, riding north between the swales up the K1 Line, saw all riders complete the stage. Unsurprisingly, Marc Fox (4.00) was first home, with Ben Fallon and Josh Randall taking out the minor placings.

Stage 6 Poeppel Pushover 54km

This afternoon’s stage had eight starters, with the remaining four deciding to sit out the stage. The riders had the short-lived tailwind for the first 20 Kilometres, turning into a cross wind after turning east onto the QAA Line. Five riders finished the stage with Marc Fox (3.19) the winner, with Ben (3.27), Derek (3.29), Josh (3.32) and Mark (4.09).

Day 4: Friday 29th September

Stage 7 Q and A Quest 71km

The alternate race route was implemented from the start of Stage 7 to the end of Stage 9. The use of the Eyre Creek Bypass was to be used, as the main crossing was still flooded.
Marc Fox (4.12) was first in, with Josh (4.29) and Ben (4.32) about twenty minutes behind. Seven riders finished the stage, with four being swept and one DNS.

Stage 8 Crocodile Rock 43km

This afternoon’s stage saw the riders cross the crocodile infested Eyre Creek but were rewarded with a swim at the end of the stage. There were eight starters for this stage, with the remaining four sitting it out due to various heat and fatigue problems.
Marc Fox (2.14) was first home, with Ben (2.19) and Josh (2.30), with the rest of the riders evenly spread behind them. Alistair and Mark completed the stage with a spectacular photo finish to close out the stage.

Day 5: Saturday 30th September

Stage 9 Backward Blast 22km

This morning’s stage was the handicap race on the QAA Line, starting at Eyre Creek and finishing at the base of Big Red. As had become expected, Marc Fox was first in 0:56:11.

Stage 10 Birdsville Bar Blast 37km

This neutralised stage started on the Western side of Big Red. The start saw the riders climb the steep side of Big Red, in a dash for cash type of frenzy, then ride south along the top of the sand dune to Little Red and then descend to the bitumen for the ride into Birdsville. The riders crossed the finish line in a photo finish in front of the historic Birdsville Pub.

Congratulations to all riders and their support crews for the massive effort that it takes to not only make it to the start line, but to push through to the finish line.
A huge thank you to the officials that keep this travelling show moving each day, as well as the committee that spend so much time organising the event in the year leading up to it.

Anthony Duff
Race Director 2023


Overall Winner: Marc Fox
Under Fifty winner: Marc Fox
Over Fifty Winner: Marc Hartmann
Over Sixty Winner: Greg Rashford

110Marc Fox32.76579100
29Benjamin Fallon35.21579100
37Mark Hartmann41.93579100
412Alastair Doull35.4750487
513Joshua Randall25.9643775
66Derek Ragless27.1943775
78Greg Rashford28.9941371
81Richard Dodd25.0836563
911Ben Hew25.3736463
103Glen Charles Ross25.3235561
115Jason Tate19.8031054
124Stephen Amos15.9224342

Age Group

PlaceAge GroupNoNameGender
1U509Benjamin FallonMale
2U5011Ben HewMale
3U5013Joshua RandallMale
4U506Derek RaglessMale
5U5010Marc FoxMale
150+5Jason TateMale
250+4Stephen AmosMale
350+12Alastair DoullMale
450+7Mark HartmannMale
160+3Glenn RossMale
260+8Greg RashfordMale
360+1Richard DoddMale
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