How much does it cost?

Many potential riders aren’t aware of the costs involved in participating in the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge.

Here is a ballpark estimate to give you an idea.

The SDBC does not get involved in financial negotiations between riders and their crews,  but it’s normal for the rider to cover the cost of fuel and food whilst the driver provides the vehicle.

Simpson Desert Challenge




Rider Entry



Pre Paid LPG (3Kg)


Chairs hire x 2


Fuel 3000km round trip


assume average for trip is 12.5L/100km therefore 390L@ $1.90 Assume 4wd has 180L fuel tank

Awning hire


11days @ 5/day

Mat for under awning


weed mat from Bunnings


Fresh Food


2 x33 meals @ $12.50 or put in your own cost, allow some extra in case of emergency etc

Water 120L $6.25/10L


assume 4WD has 50L Water tank for a total of 170L



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