About the Simpson Desert Bike Challenge

Each September, competitors, support crew and officials gather at Purni Bore, South Australia, on the western edge of the Simpson Desert for the Annual Bike Challenge.

At 6am from Purni Bore, riders surge off into the heart of the Simpson Desert. By the end of stage 1, they know they will need to dig deep to achieve the goals they have set themselves. When riders arrive at Birdsville they know have experienced something of major importance in their lives. A huge achievement, great cameraderie and a new found appreciation of this amazing environment.

This is a 5 day event covering approx 590km. Each race day has two stages - 80km morning / 50km afternoon approx.
The final stage on day 5 ends outside a classic Aussie icon - the Birdsville Hotel in the tiny outback town of Birdsville in Queensland.

The course traverses some 700 sand dunes, salt lakes, vast cattle stations and gibber plains. Riders and crews will experience all the diversity of this rugged and beautiful desert.

Unsealed 4×4 feature article

Unsealed 4x4 magazine features the Simpson Desert in their March Edition. Tim Stanners who writes for the magazine recently came out to take on the role as support crewman. This is his story.
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The French Line – the Ultimate Fatbike Challenge

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line…. so we thought we’d try it. Purni Bore -> French Line -> Birdsville. Oh, also….1200 sand dunes, with some up to 30 metres high!
Just when you thought it couldn’t get tougher, the 2015 Simpson Desert Bike Challenge will traverse the French Line, cutting straight through the heart of the Simpson Desert. (The largest parallel sand dune desert in the world.) Not for the faint hearted, this adventure is the ultimate Fat Bike Challenge and will be THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE.

Basically the route will involve, 100km per day, 60 in the morning and 40 in the afternoon, for 4 days. Sweep speed reduced to 10km per hour to allow for the extra dunes.
*On the final day, 4 lap pure sand criterium along the dune crest between Big Red and Little Red. Final stage along the gravel road into Birdsville.
*subject to final survey

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