1992 Race Report


The race was plagued with rain problems. Many vehicles got bogged on the way to the start and some were two days later than they had planned getting to the gathering point. One rider rode the last 65k to the start line because his support crew were hopelessly bogged. They eventually extricated themselves from the bog and arrived around midnight.

Cyclist No:23 Stephan Vanderhee had a bad run with punctures during the afternoon and when he ran out of tubes, elected to ride the final 30 kilometers on the wheel rim without any tyre at all. He made it to the finish line with only 10 minutes to spare. He worked on his rim with steel wool and a file until about 11pm, rubbing out all the damaged sections of the wheel and then lined up for the start of the next morning section with a new tube and his original tyre still intact.



No Name Gender Total


1 18 Ron Versteegh M 27:02:39
2 50 Brett Lovell M 28:20:15
3 39 Ian Wright M 29:29:45
1st Fem 15 Barbara Utech F 37:24:12

Other placings unknown

Approx 52 riders competed

Stage Results

To download a printable copy of the 1992 stage results Click Here


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